Christian Aid – A Thank You

It was interesting to be able to talk to people this year about charities, their governance and their roles, when collecting.  Christian Aid works across 39 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America & the Caribbean. It works through local organisations who are best placed to understand and help the communities who are being supported. Christian Aid also engages closely with governments and the private sector.

The theme for Christian Aid Week this year was collecting to support some people across the globe who have suffered devastating effects of climate change, especially from Caribbean super-hurricanes.  They tackle the root causes of poverty so that women, men and children the world over are strengthened against future knocks and devastating weather. Thank you for your support of this valuable work.

Thanks go to all the stalwart door to door collectors and those collecting outside the Co-op, the Post Office and at the Railway Station.  Also to those who supported and made the Big Brekkie such a happy and blessed event.

Thanks also to everybody who helped with the Christian Aid counting, particularly Sally-Ann Ward, the Treasurer.

Monies raised

Pewsey £1521
Big Brekkie £335
Easton Royal £294
North Newnton £90

Your support positively changes lives. More information can be seen on the Christian Aid website,