COME AND SEE – Exciting & engaging events throughout Feb / Mar

Come and See is an invitation to explore Christian faith through a series of exciting and engaging events throughout the Vale of Pewsey during February / March. You will be able to experience new insights and encounter God at work today.

“Come and See” was Jesus’ invitation to his first disciples and is his invitation to each of us today. Jesus made no expectation on them. He did not say “Come and believe” or “Come and go to church” but a very open invitation to find out who he is.

Indeed those first disciples did not really understand for a long time, until after his death and resurrection, and for each of us our getting to know him is a life-long journey.

You may be a complete sceptic or may have a deep faith, perhaps it’s something you once explored but haven’t for a while… wherever you are on that journey our invitation is the same as Jesus “Come and See”

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