We accept all people for the Sacrament of Baptism which can take place as a child or as an adult.

Baptisms usually take place at main Sunday Services. Where this is not possible, we co-operate with families to arrange an alternative date and time.

The candidates and parents (and where possible godparents) will be prepared for the service. This preparation is to include looking at the service in detail and examining the significance of this movement forward in their spiritual life. Where possible and convenient, Lay Pastoral Assistants will be invited to be involved.

At the anniversary of the Baptism, cards will be taken to the family.Families will receive invitations to special services, i.e. at Christmas, Easter, etc. A Service of Thanksgiving will be offered where appropriate.

If the family is living in a parish outside of the Team, the Parish Priest will be contacted.The names of those who have been baptised will be held on database at the Team Office.

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What does the Church of England say about Adult Baptism?