Pewsey Holiday Club Report

Children at this year’s holiday club (St Johns Church from 6th – 9th Aug) had an amazing time, where the theme was “Pirates of Pewsea” and was all about ‘searching for the greatest treasure’.
With the help of Captains Yo-Ho and Heave-Ho, each day the children (between 55 and 65 of them) solved the clues left for them by the enigmatic Cast-Away, with the help of Captain Book, to navigate their way around the island to discover the greatest treasure.
Also each day there was an episode of the ‘Landlubbers Ahoy!’ drama; team games; crafts; action songs; jokes, and prayer time – and of course much plank-walking!


There will be a Holiday Club reunion in February with more plank-walking, custard pieing, lighthousing FUN – and watch out for Yo-Ho and Heave-Ho in the meantime… who knows where they’ll turn up??