Refreshing the Lord’s Prayer material written in 2019 by Bishop Steven Croft will allow Christians to continue beyond Easter Day with content that lends itself to a context where personal prayer is paramount and gathering for worship is not possible. The 40 daily reflections, with new introductions for each week and daily family challenges, will lead people to the start of Thy Kingdom Come. Content will be available through a campaign app with full audio, smart speakers, daily emails, an ebook (Kindle and iBooks), and print options are being explored.

If you are already receiving the #LiveLent reflections, you will receive the daily Lord’s Prayer materials and the app will also automatically update.

Churches across the country will already have their own local plans. In addition, we hope this overview helps provide a sense of what will also be offered nationally.

Holy Week, in these unprecedented circumstances, may offer us some clues to how we will resume our worshipping life together when that happy and blessed day comes.

Church of England Communications

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