The Lyfe Course and is produced online by The Bible Society for free. It’s about the Christian Life and walking it together, encouraging one another, listening, loving, supporting and ultimately, following in the way of Jesus, for He is our example of how to live.

The Small Group Sessions are described as follows:

Lyfe groups spend time reading and reflecting on Bible passages, and then select a relevant ’challenge’ to experience throughout the week. In doing so, the group goes on a journey and together, they discover a deeper life with God.

Each small group session includes supporting video interviews featuring Pete Greig, Paula Gooder, Lucy Peppiatt and Mark Greene among others. We suggest watching these videos as a group at the start of your session to help introduce the theme.

You will also find helpful complementary articles and biographies (Lyfe stories) of key Christian figures from the past.

In the initial 6 weeks, we will follow the introductions to all the main theme headings, as follows: Still lyfe (prayer); Spirit lyfe (Holy Spirit); Word lyfe (scripture); Real lyfe (authenticity); Just lyfe (compassion); Whole lyfe (everyday life).

So, by all means, have a look at the website here and explore a bit more to see if you want to join in. You will be sent a link to log in to the website if you decide to join. Could you let Neil Larkey know as soon as possible this week if you would like to join the journey (form below) – I know this is short notice but it could start on Wednesday this week, 7th October, 7.30pm.

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